Monday, March 3, 2014

Feels Like I'm Starting Over

It's been a year and a half since I last wrote a post and a lot has happened since that time. As 2012 was coming to an end I was preparing myself for knee surgery which would take place in January of 2013. I was in the best shape of my life and I wanted to do everything possible to make sure that my surgery would go good and that I would have a smooth and fast recovery. I knew I wasn't going to be able to walk for over a month and that my physical activity would be limited so I was going to have to really concentrate on clean eating. It was a little stressful knowing that I wouldn't be working out and it was tough to not think of gaining weight back.

After my surgery was completed I managed to continue to lose weight even without working out. I stuck to eating good and I was so relieved to see my results. A month after my surgery I had visited with my knee specialist and he was amazed at how well and quickly I was recovering from the surgery. I was very anxious to get clearance to be able to put weight back on my leg and start with a rehab program. I finally got that clearance 2 weeks later and when I stepped on the scale I weighed the lowest I had in over 13 plus years. Aside from dealing with the pain from my rehab program I never felt so good. For the first time since starting my weight loss journey I actually could feel the difference. I noticed a big changed in the clothes I was able to wear and it all seem to happen over night. Obviously it didn't happen over night and it was a result from my decision to change my lifestyle back in 2010 but it was the first time since I started that I actually felt different. I'm not sure if it was because I had time to actually think about what I had accomplished and wasn't thinking about my next workout but I just felt different.

I had finally reached a part of my journey where I really started to appreciate everything I had accomplished. I wasn't worried about trying to be an inspiration to others or beating myself up because I always felt like I could have done better. When I look back now I was at the moment of my journey where I really could have been successful. Unfortunately as time went on and I was able to be more active I let my addiction with unhealthy food take over and I slowly began to gain weight again. I thought because I was working out that I could eat whatever I wanted. My thinking was all wrong once again. I was justifying what I ate because of my physical activity and didn't even bother to think about the affects of all this unhealthy eating. As time went on  my workout started to decrease and my bad eating habits continued. I avoided the scale as I feared what it would show.

That brings me to today. I'm currently 334.6lb which means I'm still technically down 44lbs from when I started this journey but also means that I've gained 52lbs since last summer. I've slowly started to notice the affects from this weight gain. The knee I had surgery on hurts more frequently than before, I have constant lower back pain, I struggle with my workouts and the pain from them and I just feel like crap in general. I'm so frustrated with myself for letting this get so out of hand. I feel like I just threw all that hard work away and for inability to deal or manage my food addiction. My training efforts have not been as committed as they once were and I'm finding it very difficult to get back on the right path. It feels like I'm starting all over again which I actually am in a way. I feel kind of lost and discouraged right now so that's why I've decided to come back to writing. In a way I guess I'm looking for a fresh start but at the same time I don't want to forgot about all the factors that helped me be successful.

My Weight March 3- 2014
So basically here I go again. I honestly think that I'm running out of chances to change my life and I need to realize to stop being so selfish. My dreams of changing and becoming a new person over night just isn't going to happen. The past is the past good and bad but I need to concentrate on my life today,
tomorrow and so on. I have so much support out there if I want it but I'm the only person who is going to be able to control my success.

I've decided that I would not be sharing these blog post like I did in the past. I don't want to seem like a failure nor do I want it to look like I'm looking for pity. So if you happen to come across these blog post from now on I would just like to say thank you for reading.  

Friday, September 14, 2012

5k Run, Knee and Summer Update

I know some people have been asking about the blog and how things are going so I guess it's time I should write an update post. It's been a busy summer so I've definitely slacked with my posts.

My main plan for the summer was to at least maintain my weight cause I know the summer months are the hardest for me to stay on track. Everything was going good until I hit August and then the wheels completely fell off. Unfortunately I was kinda shocked to see that I had gained some weight because I still felt good but instead of dwelling on it I decided to get back at it and to put the wheels back on and get on track again. I worked hard to get to where I am today and even though it hasn't been a perfect journey I never give up and I always manage to get back on track. I'm sure the majority of us have been in a position where we stop exercising or indulge a little more in unhealthy eating but as hard as it some times, you just have to put the past aside and get back to work sooner than later. I hear and read about it all the time about people spending more time living in the past about what they've done instead of just letting go and moving forward. I was like that before but I know that it doesn't help so it's great to see when people who have struggled make the choice to start back up and keep going. That's where I'm at now. I've been training for the last 3 weeks and even though I felt good my body told me the opposite when I started exercising again. So that made me want to push harder to the point my body was feeling back to normal. Don't wait until Monday to make that change like I've done so many times in the past.

One thing that kinda slowed me down and I'm not using this as an excuse cause it may sound that way, but I started to experience severe knee pain just after I participated in the mini Tri  back in June. I was a little concerned because of the pain but I decided to keep pushing on. Then one day while I was exercising my knee locked up and I finally had enough and decided to go back to my specialist. I only had to wait a month to see him and I had mixed feelings about what he told me. He showed me X-rays of both knees and I could notice the difference right away. The bone on bone had gotten so severe that my bone was no longer smooth and rounded but more jagged and pieces had broken off and were locking onto each other which explains the knee locking I experienced earlier. He told me that I was going to require surgery(Proximal Tibial Osteotomy) which if I remember correctly they have to cut a piece of bone out and install a plate to help stop the bone on bone and realign my knee. In addition they will have to clean up the rough parts of the bone. It's not the best description but it's about a 3 month recovery. I hate that fact but I'm hoping that will solve pain. I'm getting the procedure done in January but the good thing was he told me that I could still exercise and I wouldn't really do any further damage as long as I could tolerate the pain....which really sucks but I've been doing it.

When I wrote my blog about goals one of the things I said I wanted to complete was a 5k race. With my knee that was put to the side and I never really thought about it much until a few weeks ago when I heard about a race in town which included a marathon, 1/2 marathon, 10k, 5k and a kids fun run. Jenn immediately signed up our kids Syd(6) and Cooper(3). I really wanted to try and run the 5k but I thought that it was an unlikely thing. I had just got back to training and I wanted to prove to myself that I could do this....but was it a reasonable thought or was I going to set myself up for disappointment. I decided that it was probably for the best that I just sit this out but when we went to pick up the kids race packages I was finally convinced by friends and family to give it a shot. That was it I had just signed up for my first 5k which was being held the following day. I made a call to my dad and told him what I was doing and asked him if he wanted to join which he did. The rest of the day I couldn't stop thinking about if I had just done the right thing.

The following day was race day and myself and my dad headed to the course. I had a million things running through my head. 5k, Really?? I had never run that far in my life and now I was about to attempt it without any preparation and a bummed knee...good thinking Dion!! It wasn't until about 10 minutes before the race that I finally started to relax and started to think that the absolute worst thing that would happen is that I would end up walking the majority of the 5k which I really wanted to avoid. Really this was all about me just going out and doing this no matter what I had to do to finish. I knew I could easily walk the 5k but I was about to really push myself mentally and physically like I hadn't done in some time.

When the race started the majority of the pack quickly pulled away from me. My dad stuck with me as I watched the rest of the group get further and further ahead. I knew I had to concentrate on my pace and not worry about keeping up with the others. I felt alright for the first 1.5km just making sure my legs kept moving and using the music on my Ipod to give me a little boost. At about the 2km mark my pace started to slow up and my dad and another runner who was with us slowly pushed forward. I'm glad my dad continued with his pace because I felt bad for holding him up the first 2km.

I met my buddy Clay on his way back from the turn around and he was flying. This was his first race and he was killing it. Shortly after my Dad passed me on his way back and he quickly asked "You gonna be ok?" to which I replied "I'm good" and we both continued in opposite directions. Once I hit the 2.5k turnaround the pain in my knee was continually increasing and the right calf muscle was throbbing from trying to over compensate for my knee. It was then that it hit me that I hadn't stopped running until this point so I finished my cup of water and began walking back to the finish line. I walked for 2 minutes and then started to run again. I was trying to do everything I could to keep my mind off the pain and just kept telling myself to keep going. I started thinking of everything and anything to help push me to the end. I thought of myself when I started this journey and how far I had come, my family and friends, my kids waiting at the line and the excitement they would have when I crossed(which caused me to break down while I was still running...good thing though cause I got it all out before the finish line this time), I thought of my brother in law who only weeks before had just completed an Ironman and how inspired I was watching him cross the finish line. I just wanted to finish strong so bad no matter how tough it was. With about 500m or less left my friend Stacey and her daughter who had already finished the race came back to give me the last push to the finish. All I remember is feeling a boost and giving it everything I had and then I could hear the cheers and I crossed the line. I DID IT!! I thought to myself as I hugged the kids and tried to contain my emotions. As painful as it was the feeling of finishing made all the pain go away. I finished with a time of 42 minutes and even though I was last place I'll never forget it and wouldn't change it.

Crossing The Line

Brother In Law after his Ironman
The support from people while I was running was amazing. People I didn't know would cheer me on as they ran by and it was just a great feeling. At the finish line it was great to see all my friends who had raced as well and my family. I really felt proud!

Me, Dad, Clay, Greg and Joey. Greg and Joe did the 10k.

A family Event

To end the day the kids had a fun run and were awarded medals as well. They really enjoyed themselves and it's great to see them being so active and enjoying it. What a great day!! 
Syd's Race...She's by the girl in the red...So Serious!!
Pep talk with Cooper
There He Goes in the blue shorts.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Back on October 26, 2010 I wrote the below blog sharing all my goals I wanted to accomplish at some time during this journey. Yesterday I went back to read it again to see how many of them I had accomplished and what I still needed to work towards. I've added updates for each goal underneath just to share where they are as of today. I've always stressed that having goals is such an important part of being successful with weight loss. So here's the update. 



Making a decision to change my lifestyle is just the start of my journey. People have asked me what are my goals or what would I like to accomplish. I thought about it and decided to made a list of short term and long term goals to help me keep stride and focused. Ultimately I want to lose weight and be healthy but here are some more specific goals I wish to accomplish.

I want to break the 300lbs mark. It's been a very long time since I've be below that.
  • I currently weigh 286lbs and still going down
Shopping at regular clothes stores. I'm currently a 4X and a 52 waist and have to shop at a Big & Tall in Edmonton. It would be nice to go to any store see something I like and be able to buy it. I hate shopping right now. Long term would be an XL and maybe a 36 waist.
  • Today I wear a size 44 waist and I've been able to wear some of my 2xl shirts I bought years ago that sat in my closet. I still wear some 3xl but I always get told they look to big...I'm paranoid about shirts fitting to tight. 
Stress free when we decide to go out to eat. Unfortunately I'm always worried about the seating arrangement before we leave. "Will I fit in the chair"? or what happens if they have booths. I don't like going to places I'm not familiar with because of that reason.
  • This is one of my biggest reliefs! I feel very confident when we do eat out that I won't have to worry about whether we sit in a booth or not. On the other hand though we really don't eat out that much anymore anyway :)
I'm hoping I can get my knee fixed and that it will get better with the weight loss. I hate being held back by injuries. Currently waiting to see a specialist for the 3rd time and hopefully the last.
  • I'm still waiting to have it fixed. I did see my surgeon and he wanted me to lose more weight before he would do another surgery.
Participate with my Bro-in-law and sister(I think she wants to) in the team triathlon event next year in Fort McMurray. It's not regular distances but it would be a great feeling to complete.
  • I didn't participate in that event but I just participated in the Mini Tri with my good friend Stacey this past weekend.
I want to hold plank for at least 1min or more. I've come close but can never reach that mark.
  • I'm almost positive that I can hold plank for 1 minute now. I'll time myself for an exact time. 
Complete a running race(5km and more hopefully). I need help from my knee for this one.
  • I did run the spring opener in 2011 with Syd and my dad. It was 3km but it's difficult to go much further until I get my knee fixed. 
Play actively with my children. I don't last very long when playing and feel bad cause I always need a break. My kids could eventually wear down a healthy person but I want to be that healthy person.
  • I still can't wear them down but I feel like I'm a much better dad because I'm much more active with them and try to include them in my exercising and activities as much as possible.
I don't want to have to use a seat belt extension while flying and have people hoping I not the guy sitting beside them.
  • My most recent flight was 2 weeks ago and I had my seat belt extension packed assuming I would need it but I DIDN'T!!! It was a great feeling to just sit down and buckle with the regular seat belt.
Currently my record for continuous push ups is 20. I'd like to do 50 without stopping. Kelly makes me do enough of them so I might as well try it.
  • Push ups are my enemy and even though I haven't tried this for some time I know I'm no where near 50. I'll have to try it his week to see how many I can do.
I want this journey to be enjoyable and exciting. Everyday brings new challenges but I'm just going to take it day by day and keep going!
  • This journey to date has been full of great moments and some not so great but overall it's made me a much happier person.
Fit into my old Michigan sweater. I love that thing.
  • Unfortunately this hasn't happened yet. It must of shrunk...I don't remember it being that small...ha ha. 
Bike in the Rona bike tour next year. It's a lot in 2 days to bike.
  • I participated in the bike tour in 2011 and what a great experience. My dad, sister and brother in law all did it together. 
To make my family and friends proud. The support so far has been great!
  • I've had a ton of support and I believe everyone respects how far I have come.
I was really surprised when I read this blog again to see how many things I could cross off my list. It's a great feeling to see that on top of my weight loss that I was able to accomplish these other goals. So with only a few things left to do on this list I guess I'll have to make some additions and look forward to scratching them off.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Mini Tri - Another Goal Reached!

Wow!! It's been long time since I wrote a blog. I kinda lose sight sometimes of the reason I started to write and get caught up too much about people being bored reading it. The main purpose of this was for me to share my journey and just be able to write how I feel going through a change like this...the good and the bad. I know so many people can relate to the struggles with weight loss and I just want the share my journey so people out there who read this know they are not the only ones out there.

In the last 2 months I have basically maintained my weight at 286 lbs, a total of 92 lbs loss since I started this journey. The old me would be totally frustrated with myself for not losing in that time period but I've learned that anything is better than gaining. I've bounced around in the 280's but haven't been fully committed at times. It's a struggle but I've made sure to stay on top of it because I don't want to let things get away like I did last summer. I truly believe we learn from our choices and those outcomes that we may not be the proudest of. Now that the summer is approaching I'm making it a priority to keep pushing my weight down. Summer is the toughest time of year for me but I'm committed to stay on top.

The hill before and after.

On Sunday I started by participating in my first ever triathlon(mini). Jenn registered me for it last month and I did my best to train for it so I was prepared. I knew the biking wasn't going to be an issue so I focused on swimming and running. I was surprised when I started swimming how difficult it was to control my breathing. I had never swam without my glasses and since having eye surgery this was the first time I'd tried swimming with my head in the water. I started with a 25m length and was so winded by then I would have to stop. As difficult as it was for me though I continued to go and kept trying to go further and further. Eventually I was able to do the required 250m but it was still a struggle. At first I worked on swimming that far and then my goal was to try and decrease my time every swim. To date I have it down to about 7 minutes which isn't rocket speed but it's an improvement from a few months ago. As for the running I had to be careful because with my one knee not being in the best condition I had to be careful not to go to hard on it. Kelly's classes really helped with the smaller runs we did and I just went at a pace I was comfortable with. Minus the knee pain I noticed a big improvement with my cardio when it came to running in the last month. Kelly really helped to get my cardio up without me having to run all the time. She wanted me to limit my running so I wouldn't do more damage to my knee with a bunch of running. When we did run it was for smaller distances so I could still get a feel for my breathing.

As the day came closer for the Tri I really started to doubt myself. I'm a huge worrier especially for things like this. I just had it in my head that what would happen if I couldn't do this. Even though I may be 92lbs lighter sometimes I still think I'm that guy that was at one time close to if not more than 400lbs. I've always found it hard to give myself credit or realize that I may be more fit than I sometimes think. Even at 286lbs I should be happy for all that I've accomplished and all the things I can do now because of my decision to change my life. I always want to be or get better but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the things I can do now. So it wasn't until the morning of the Tri that I decided I would go. When I got to race I felt so sick and nervous. Thank God that my good friend Stacey was there participating as well. She had done it last year and was the reason I wanted to try it this year. She definitely made me feel more comfortable and I truly appreciate that because I know like me the swim portion was on her mind but she continued to encourage me. I couldn't of done it without her help.

Stacey before and after. This girl is AWESOME!!!

My first month training with Kelly and now.

It was awesome to have Jenn, the kids, Chrissie, Kelly, Shawn and everyone else there cheering us one. The MacIsland staff and the Tri Club members and all the participants were so awesome and supportive. Right from the beginning when we were setting up to after crossing the finish line. It was just a great group of people all around.
As we walked into the pool to prepare for the swim it hit me that I was actually going to try and do this. Stacey and I had a lane to ourselves which helped me to relax a little. Jenn and Kelly were cheering from the stands and then Stacey started and I waited for my signal to go. Chrissie was at the end of my lane and I could hear her and the volunteers cheering Stacey and I on after each lap. It was a huge boost for me and helped push me to finish the swim.
I was a little disorientated when I got out of the pool at first but made it to the transition area. Trying to control my breathing and getting ready for the bike portion was harder than I thought. Once I got on the bike I started to feel good again. The bike portion was 9km so I wanted to push as hard as I could cause I knew I would struggle with the run. It was an awesome feeling to hear everyone cheering as I passed by each lap.

When I pulled in the transition area to begin the run I was thinking to myself that I wanted to run the entire distance without stopping. The run portion was 2.5km which doesn't sound like a lot but I had never run that far without stopping on my knee. I just wanted to keep a steady pace and hoped the pain would hold off. Right before the turn around marker I began to slow down and my knee started to get a little tender but it had been worse before and I didn't want to stop. As I approached the last hill I could hear the cheering for the other participants and when I hit the top and had sight of the finish line I could feel myself being overwhelmed with emotion. I did everything to hold it back but as I approached that finish line it hit me what I was about to do. 2 years ago I didn't own a bike, I hating swimming because I was obese and running....lets just say in my mind it wasn't an option. I crossed the line and I basically couldn't hold the emotion anymore. I bend over to try and hide what was inevitable and then Syd and Cooper came running up to hug me. That was it and I broke down. I was overcome with emotion and couldn't control myself. They are one of my biggest motivators to get healthy and I hope I can teach them what I've learned about nutrition and exercise so far on this journey so they don't have to take a similar journey when they grow up.

Flexing the pipes during my run.

The final stretch
After I pulled myself together...ha ha...Chrissie was there to give me my medal for finishing. It was awesome to have her their cheering me on. I was so glad that Stacey and I could of done this together. She pushed me to come and supported me throughout the race...even though she still beat me...ha ha just kidding but she killed it! She's an awesome friend and I'm so glad we did this together. Kelly was ready to kill me I think when I told her I might back out but she continued to support and push me to go. I owe her so much for helping me get to where I am today. It's been a long road from when we first started training 2 years ago but she never lets me give up and I can't thank her enough. Coming to support Stacey and I shows her commitment to her clients and you don't often see that. Unfortunately I had Jenn bawling actually I think there may have been a few people in tears..ha ha...but she's been the core of my support. I wouldn't be where I am on this journey without her support. She's keeps me strong.
I'm so glad I took this chance to participate in the Mini Tri. It just opens the doors for more goals and accomplishments to work towards.  

Chrissie and Stacey at the finish.
My Motivation
Hi Five's with Coop's
Stacey and I
Stacey, Chrissie and me
Kelly and I
Just before finish.
The Finish Line

Monday, March 26, 2012

Fit Camp 2 Week 4 Weigh In- 90lb Milestone!

It's been a while since the last blog and I don't know why I always talk myself out of writing. It helps to clear my head but even more I enjoy connecting with others who are taking the same journey. It's already week 4 of Fit Camp 2 and I'm happy with how things are going. After our final weigh in at Fit Camp 1 I took the weekend to indulge quite a bit and by our weigh in to start Fit Camp 2 that Monday I was blown away by how much damaged I had done in a weekend. It's frustrating to see so much hard work wasted in such a small period of time and I had nobody to blame but myself. It took that entire first week to lose what I had gained over a weekend. It was a quick reminder for me about what I truly want to achieve and what I need to do to get there.

I've done my best to make the most out of the last few weeks. Unfortunately I spent the entire past week out of commission with a cold. It's been nasty and I'm just battling the end effects of it. Once I got sick it quickly spread to the rest of the family. I was physically unable to workout after a few attempts and I accepted that I should probably just get as much rest as I could and hope I could quickly shake this thing. Today was my first day back after missing a week and my lungs still aren't 100% but I felt much better and it was good to be back.

Today was weigh in day to start week 4 and my weight was 286.8lbs. That brings my total weight loss since I began this journey to 91.6lbs. Another milestone for me and I'm happy but honestly I'm happier for my wife Jenn and the rest of the Fit Camper especially my class. First I'm happy to say that Jenn has loss 8lbs in her first 3 weeks of Fit Camp...and actually she missed all last week with the same cold I was battling, so I'm so proud of her hard work and the commitment she has made. Today was one of those days... she attends her 6am bootcamp class then tonight she's gone to aqua fit. She's given me an extra boost to continue to work hard and it makes me proud that we can do this together. I also think it's great to see all the Fit Campers continue to support each other. I won't stop saying how important it is to have support to be successful. It sounds like everyone is working very hard and I really appreciate being apart of such a great class. They are an awesome group and continue to help push me with all of their hard work and effort. You guys rock!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fit Camp Week 8- Final Weigh In

Friday marked the final session of the 8 week Fit Camp program and the results were absolutely amazing by the participants. Seeing all the before and after pictures of all the ladies and reading about every ones awesome results was just a great feeling. I strive from watching so many people work so hard and accomplish so much and they should all be so proud of themselves. They all are truly inspirational. I'm especially proud of the girls in my class and how hard they worked. Quitting isn't an option and they push and push until the workout is done. The class is so supportive of each other and there's no hesitation to give someone that extra boost or words of encouragement when they need it. I'm very grateful to have met such an awesome group of people and had the opportunity to have shared in all that the girls accomplished. Great work ladies and I look forward to seeing all the success in Fit Camp 2 not only with my class but everyone in the program.

I came into this final week wanting to give everything I had and wanted to have no regrets when the week was over. I can't remember a week where I've trained and worked so hard and maybe over did it a little. My Friday night Fit Camp class was going to be the 12th workout of the week for me. I always try to push myself as much as I can and always want my next workout to be better than the last. I've had workouts in the past where I felt I should have done better or just wasn't happy with but never have I wanted to quit as much as I did on Friday night. It was a workout for time and I found myself falling further and further behind the class as it went on. I had hit a wall and can honestly say I didn't think I was going to finish. My entire body was exhausted and I think the week of training had finally caught up to me. The girls in class started to finish one after another and I knew I still had a few exercises to go. Finally I was the last one going and without hesitation the entire
class began finishing off the rest of the exercises I had to complete with me. I'm a quiet guy for the most part in class and try not to show too much emotion but when I realized the entire class along with Kelly were doing the exercises with me I felt such a strong feeling of teamwork and support. I'm so grateful that they would do that because I really needed it. By sharing my experiences and accomplishments through my blog I always appreciate it when people tell me that I've motivated or inspired them to make a change but there was no better feeling than  having the girls support me to finish that workout. I thank all of you very much!

My Fit Camp Class
When I think about what I accomplished the last 8 weeks I'm happy with the results but I'm hoping I can do even better the next 8 weeks. Even though I missed 2 of the 8 weeks I still believe I worked hard and did my best. My final results were 27lbs loss and down a total of 9 inches. My current weight is 293lbs and I've lost a total of 85.5lbs since I started working out with Kelly. I'm looking forward to the next Fit Camp and watching everyone succeed. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fit Camp- Fighting A Cold and Wall Sit Challenge

It sounds like a lot of the people in Fit Camp are or have been fighting some kind of cold or flu. It's that time of year and I've been under the weather a little this week but so I'm drinking lots of water to stay hydrated and doing my best to sweat out whatever bug I have. It hasn't gotten to the point where I feel I should stop with my workouts and rest but it's important to realize when it's more beneficial to just take a few days off and recover.

I felt great at my workout yesterday. It was a good mix of cardio and strength training and Kelly had my legs BURNING!! I felt kinda bad when I was doing the tire hits with the sledgehammer and not a few seconds after she told me to not hit the floor I missed the tire and bang...hit the floor.  Good thing it was my weak side. I've uploaded some videos of the exercises from today.

The exercise in the video below really had my heart pumping and my legs burning. It was a squat on each side followed by two quick steps. The next set I did it with the sandbag instead of the hockey stick and holy crap it was tough!

Roller time.

Last nights Fit Camp workout was a circuit but we started class off with a challenge to see who could hold the longest wall sit. The current record was over 5 minutes. I think I managed to reach a little over two minutes and my legs were screaming!! Congrats to Amy in our class who held out for around 4 minutes. 


Only one class left in this session of Fit Camp. I'm hoping to finish off the strong on Friday and keep the momentum going into the next 8 weeks of classes.